Sarah Siegand

  • Nashville, TN

I am passionate about communication that represents its subject well. I have a BA in journalism, which means I love facts and telling a story. I believe there is nothing more effective than when a communication piece delivers compelling visuals alongside clear, concise information. That's my aim with every design piece I put my hands to.


Gather & Grow, Foxhound Urban Adventures, Curb Records, Blue Nova Designs, Stratasan, Ink & Well, World Relief, Pure Design Magazine, Nashville Christian School, Jennasis & Associates, Parents Who Fight, One Mind Body Fitness, Janelle Kellums Photography, Meg's Cookies, Brentwood Baptist Church


Social Media CampaignsPrint MarketingBrand CampaignsCopy EditingType Setting


PhotoshopInDesignCopywritingInformation Design


BA in Technical Journalism at Colorado State University

1992 – 1995 Fort Collins, CO